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Alfomega Modular Concepts developed out of the idea that design needs to be in the service of people, meeting both practical and emotional needs.

Using passion and enthusiasm, our mission is to design and build amazing kitchens & Living Interiors. Working closely with our customers, we create beautiful kitchen & Living Interiors every day. And our enthusiasm drives us to work hard giving us the confidence to dive into new design adventures.

We strive for beautiful, because beautiful kitchens & Living Interiors are at the heart of every home. It’s where people cook, eat, socialise and live. For us, beautiful goes hand-in-hand with quality.

Creating beautiful kitchens & Living Interiors are not a challenge; creating beautiful kitchens & Living Interiors that are perfectly practical is. That’s exactly what we do for our clients and for their customers.

Alfomega Modular Concepts' Special attention has been dedicated to the ergonomics of the Modular Kitchens & Wardrobes through research on the work triangle, surface modularity, height and depth of base cabinets and suspended cabinets, ergonomic distances.

We provide a creative, timeless approach with a signature elegant and luxurious style on time and to budget. Choosing a Modular Kitchen & Living Interiors from Alfomoga Modular Concepts will help you to realise the Home of your dreams, every step of the way. And provide you with a marvelous kitchen for years to come.